Cámara de Comercio de Orihuela

The history of the Chamber of Commerce of Orihuela

since 1886

The Chambers of Commerce have their origin on April 18, 1886 when the government signs the founding decree of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation. The law by which these organizations are established is preceded by a series of reforms that in these decades are being developed, such as, among others, the new Commercial Code (1885), Law of Associations (1887), Law of Administrative Procedure (1889).

The Fundamental Law of the Chambers took as an organizational model that of the French Chambers of Commerce.

In the first months of the year 1900, a group of merchants and Oriolan industrialists, were constituted in commission and provisional meeting in order to take to good port the creation of the Chamber of Commerce of Orihuela. On March 27, 1901 is legally constituted by R.O. being its regulation approved by the civil government of Alicante on April 18 of the same year.

Thus began the journey of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Orihuela, in the early twentieth century and whose journey was ephemeral, declining little by little after a promising birth.

On June 29, 1911 the Law of Bases was published, the most remarkable thing of this law is that the Chambers are recognized as Public Corporations directly dependent on the Ministry of Public Works. They will be advisory bodies of the Public Administration should be heard in general “on how many matters in relation to the life of the state affect the interests whose representation corresponds to them.”

The law granted the Chambers a broad degree of autonomy, placing them above other non-official business organizations, also, as far as possible, providing them with resources to guarantee their financing through quotas for trade and industry.

At the moment it is registered in the Chamber of Spain (previously as the Superior Council of Chambers) as the date of foundation, June 1911.

At present, the Chambers of Commerce are regulated by the Basic Law 4/2014 of the Official Chambers of Industry, Commerce and Navigation of Spain, which was fully endorsed in May 1996 by the Constitutional Court.

Likewise, the Chambers of Commerce of the Valencian Community are also regulated by:

Law 3/2015, of April 2 of the Generalitat, of the Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of the Valencian Community.

Decree 158/2001 of October 15, of the Valencian Government, by which approves the Regulation of the Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the Valencian Community and of its council (DOGV nº 4110 of 19-10-2001).

Specifically, the Chamber of Orihuela is regulated by the resolution of April 9, 2002 of the Minister of Innovation and Competitiveness, which approves the internal regulation of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Orihuela, approving the agreement adopted by the Plenary Session of the House in session held on January 10, 2002.